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GMEX Technologies delivers an innovative trading platform enabling Exchange operators to create new business growth opportunities across multiple asset classes, including Equities, Debt, FX, Derivatives, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Digital tokenised assets.

With clients across the globe, GMEX Technologies currently provides locally deployed and managed trading services which are customised to suit individual customer requirements.

Key business features include:
  • Locally deployed or fully managed turnkey solutions for quote driven and order driven markets supporting both global and local regulation
  • Option of a full market surveillance service with exchange reporting
  • Designed for MiFID/ MiFID II & EMIR compliance as well as localised regulations
  • Outsourced management of client connectivity
  • Ability to run standalone or integrate with other liquidity pools
  • Multi-asset options
  • Seamless integration with CSD or CCP clearing
  • Ability to set-up a ‘fair playing field’ for all participants

GMEX Technologies offers a state of the art low-latency, high-throughput exchange platform, ForumMatch, with integral matching engine. This can be fully hosted and managed by GMEX Technologies or locally deployed for a competitive ongoing license fee per deployment. The GMEX Technologies exchange trading platform has been set up and benchmarked at an average latency of sub-15 microseconds to external clients via a binary interface and an average latency of sub-85 microseconds via FIX interface, with a message throughput of over 150,000 messages per second. The system is designed with the ability to scale to over 1 million messages per second. This, it is believed, places it ahead of the highest performance exchange trading systems currently in global production.

GMEX Technologies delivers the following Exchange and Trading Venue solutions:
  • ForumMatch Trading System – offering matching via a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), Request for Quote (RFQ) or Auction models.
  • ForumTrader Front-end – a fully functioning web deployable multi-asset, multi-lingual trader workstation and order management system facilitating order routing to the exchange and market data dissemination.
  • ForumDetect Market Surveillance Platform – Designed for trading venues and trading firms, providing an In-Tray for alert/case management, a real-time Replay screen for market event analysis and a set of surveillance reports for post-event review.
The solutions are supported by:
  • GMEX Services Common Infrastructure Support and Consulting:
    • Market Operation Services – to allow for system monitoring, static data maintenance, market operations, schedule and member configuration.
    • Market Supervision Services – to facilitate operation of an orderly market and surveillance tools for alerting and facilitating investigation.
    • Consulting Services – to deliver product development, strategy implementation, exchange project management and integration services.
Platform architecture
The Process

GMEX Technologies follows an agile development process with the emphasis on frequent releases to a test environment and continuous automated testing. Design decisions such as security are validated via periodic external review. Formal documentation is maintained and includes the System Design, User Guides and any externally published interfaces. Production upgrades go through a formal Change process and are managed out of hours.

The People

GMEX Technologies has a focused multi-skilled team, who manage both production support and new development. If specific niche skills or additional resource for a specific project are needed then contractors or third-party consultants are utilised.