Post Trade Solutions
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GMEX Technologies delivers innovative post trade platforms enabling operators to create new business growth opportunities across multiple asset classes, including Equities, Debt, FX, Derivatives, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Digital tokenised assets.

With clients across the globe, GMEX Technologies provides innovative fully managed and custom deployed services across exchange and post trade technology, which can be adapted to suit individual customer requirements.

Post Trade Product & Service Overview

GMEX Technologies delivers the following post trade products and services, which are fully compliant with the CPMI-IOSCO Principles for Market Infrastructures (PFMIs):

ForumCCP Clearing House Platform – This innovative product has been designed from the ground up to be an efficient, versatile and cost-effective solution for Central Counter Party Clearing Houses (CCPs). The product provides a solid and robust real-time clearing and risk management framework. ForumCCP offers the complete CCP process including:

  • Trades – validation, enrichment and novation – how the system receives trades and how it treats them
  • Position management – trade netting and give-up / take-up
  • Risk Management and Collateral – initial and variation margin
  • Default Management – tools to support the CCP operator during a default scenario
  • Initial Margin Calculation – different options for calculating initial margin

ForumCSD Central Securities Depository Platform – This product has been designed from the ground up to be a versatile, cost-effective solution for share and bond registries, Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), environmental registries and warehouse receipt depositories.

The product combines all the required depository functions, plus the ability to receive trades from an exchange or trading venue and also arrange for settlement with the parties involved.

The ForumCSD system can be configured in multiple ways. An installation can act as:

  • A stand-alone registry (ForumRegistry) for a supplier of registry services
  • A stand-alone CSD for a country or exchange
  • A combined CSD with one-to-many registries – generally most useful for start-up exchanges where there is no established electronic registry infrastructure

Both systems simply interface with an exchange or trading venue and have a range of options for external user connectivity including FIX and SWIFT SO15022/20022.

GMEX Services Common Instrastructure Support & Consulting

Additional services include:

  • Market Operation Services – to allow for system monitoring, static data maintenance, market operations, schedule and member configuration.
  • Consulting Services – to deliver product development, strategy implementation, exchange project management and integration services.

The following diagram provides a high level overview of the post trade solutions:

GMEX Tech products support multi-asset classes and can be distributed to enable automated failover or to allow local geographic processing centres.

All servers run on the Centos GNU/Linux operating system (version 7.0 or higher). This operating system was chosen for its stability, support and easy upgradability.

The browser clients are considered part of the presentation tier. In general, the browser connects to a caching proxy server (Apache). This server is hosted in a DMZ network zone and provides a layer of separation from the application tier.

This tier can be used to white or blacklist IP addresses, or allow access only during working hours.

The application tier is comprised of Apache, PHP5 and the Symfony 2.x framework. This part of the application is responsible for the front-end application (GUI) and Reporting.

This tier is also responsible for system clients and includes all adaptors and services. Systems clients typically include inbound trade or price feeds and internal settlement or clearing services.

The database tier includes the database (Postgres 9.x) and database replication. Access to this tier from the application tier is limited to DB connections. Each connection is limited in what operations it may execute (e.g. only DML operations are allowed). No third-party licences are required leading to cost saving.

The process

GMEX Technologies follows an agile development process with the emphasis on frequent release to a test environment and continuous automated testing. Design decisions such as security are validated via periodic external review.

Formal documentation is maintained and includes the System Design, User Guides and any externally published interfaces.

Production upgrades go through a formal Change process and are managed out of hours.

The people

GMEX Technologies has a focused multi-skilled team, who manage both production support and new development. If specific niche skills or additional resource for a specific project are needed then contractors or third-party consultants are utilised.